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Are you worried, that your users will lose email in case your mail server goes down due to connectivity problems?

We will provide you with peace of mind for $1.5 per month!

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How does it work

To make it short, Internet mail works the following way: when a delivering server attempt to deliver mail to your domain, it first tries your primary mail server (exchanger).  If it is up and running, it will accept mail and puts it into an inbox of recipient.  If primary mail server is down, then the delivering server will try a backup server, a backup exchanger, which, in case you decide to use our service, will be right here.

Our server will accept mail.  Further processing depends on the status of the suspended flag for your domain on our server.  If it is suspended, then mail will stay with us until you log into our server, and unsuspend your domain.  If it is, not suspended, then the server will attempt to deliver mail to main server 50 times with 1 hour intervals.  If your server is still unavailable, it will bounce received messages to an original sender.

In order to make things work, you have to tell our server that it should act as a backup server for your domain (register, login, and add your domain to your account), then, tell your the DNS provider, who serves your domain, that our server is your secondary exchanger.  You will need to point one of your non-primary mail exchanger to us (mail.backupexchangers.com, IP address

How to point your MX record to us? It has to be done via your DNS service provider. Here is how to it with Easy DNS and MyDomain.

If you are using other provider, contact them, or contact us, we, possibly, will be able to help.

Please, remember, that we don't just accept ANY mail that comes to your domain.  Our service comes with anti-virus and anti-spam features, such as virus scanning, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Greylisting, DNSBLSender Address Verification, Automatic lockout of connections with suspicious activity, and more...

You may be tempted to use our server as a filter for your email, placing it "in front" of your own primary mail server.  Sorry, it will not work.  Our system will not accept mail, if you point your primary exchanger to our server.

Our server will accept connections only when your main server is down.  It means, spammers which are trying to deliver spam to you by bypassing your main server, hoping that your secondary mail servers are "less tight" then your main server will not succeed.

How much does it cost

Service is free for first seven days. Afterwards, cost is $18 per year per domain.

If the domain is suspended (delivery is off), we will keep up to 5,000 messages or 10 MB (whichever comes first) for up to 14 days.  If domain is not supsended, messages will be bounced to original sender after 48 hours (48 delivery attempts with 1 hour interval).

Why us?

We are developers of ArGoSoft Mail Server. We've been developing internet software since early years of Internet. Our mail and FTP servers have been out for over 10 years. We have full control over its code, we constantly improve it.  Our servers are used by thousands of users all around the World.

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